Back to Class!

As if the week I get my new headshots done couldn't be jam-packed enough, on June 3rd, I begin my 8-week master class with Risa Bramon Garcia at her studio BGB in North Hollywood. Can't wait to get started! It's been too long since I've worked in a classroom setting with other actors alongside me so this will be just the thing I need to begin putting my money where my mouth is with my career and add some welcome risk back into my life. More to come! 

Time for my Closeup!

On June 1st, I'm getting my new headshots done with Jordan Engle of OG Photography! My new manager, Susan Zachary sent me a list of potential photographers after I signed with her earlier this month and it just so happens that the first one captivated me immediately upon looking at his work on his website. The headshots just had an edge to them and seemed to embrace the participants "flaws" as opposed to air-brushing them out. As I've grown older in this business, I've come to appreciate the little "flaws" I see on my face as these lines & grey hairs were earned through hard-work and perseverence. These are the things that make me who I am and differentiate me from everyone else. With that said, I can't wait to get these suckers shot and begin posting them on my website for the world to see. 


Shot my first independent feature (This is Not Dying) this past December. Had a blast with the cast/crew as we shot the film in a GLASS HOUSE out in the mountains next to the Sequoia National Park. Had the pleasure of playing the role of Wyatt: an egotistical, vanity-driven, money-hungry Angeleno as he goes through a journey towards acceptance and love for his fellow man. Thanks to the cast/crew that made it such a wonderful, albeit cold (thank you mother nature) experience. Thanks to Wendi Morrison, the director, for hiring me on to the project and for trusting me with your creation. Look forward to seeing the final product!